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Laurel Krahn

Minicon 48 is this weekend

Minicon 48 is this weekend.

Wondering what's going on? The pocket program and an alphabetical list of panels (with descriptions & list of panelists) are available from the programming page. A PDF of the second progress report for the con is also available and has all sorts of useful information about the con. The website has other useful info as well, as does minicon and the Facebook Minicon group and so on.

If you haven't pre-registered for the convention, at-the-door rates are:

- Adult Membership: $60.00
- Student Membership (13–20): $25.00
- Kid Membership (6–12): $15.00
- Children (0–5): Free
- One-day, Friday (Fri. 10am to Sat. 10am): $30.00 — upgrade for $30.00 more
- Two-day, starting Saturday (Sat. 10am to closing): $45.00
- One-day, Sunday (Sun. 10am to closing): $20.00
- Upgrade of Supporting registration to Attending: $40.00
- Transfer of membership: no charge

The single day membership options are a great deal if you have commitments elsewhere and can't make it to the whole con or if you just want to check things out and see if the con is to your liking.

Plan ahead . . .

You can pre-register this weekend for Minicon 49 for just $35. Minicon 49 will be April 18-20, 2014 in Bloomington, MN with Guests of Honor Catherynne Valente, Janny Wurts, and Don Maitz (and possibly others yet to be announced). The $35 rate is available this weekend at Minicon 48 or from the website.
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