Laurel Krahn (laurel) wrote in mnsf,
Laurel Krahn

Minn-StF Pool Party & Kevin Austin's 50th Birthday Party today!

In case you're interested and aren't watching mnstf and/or minicon, there's a End of Summer/Beginning of Fall Minn-StF Pool Party going on right now (Saturday, September 3rd) at the RadSouthSheratonDoubleTree (or Radish Tree) in the usual suite (215). We're also celebrating longtime fan kaustin's 50th birthday (his actual birthday is Sunday).

There's food. There's drink. There are fans. There are games. We may have music later. We expect the party to go all night as Kevin is a proponent of All Night Fandom. So even if you're busy with the State Fair or Renfest or any number of other fun activities, maybe you'll find time to swing by and say "hello" and have some fun.

(We also have registration forms for the Minn-StF Fallcon and for Minicon 47.)

There'll still be a Minn-StF Pool Party sometime this winter, this is just in addition to that one.
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