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A jog down a garden path sentence.

Minicon 46 Programming Panelist Request

This year’s Minicon panel suggestions are now online! The list of panels is at the Minicon Programming Wiki.

As always, panels need panelists to make them exciting, engaging and entertaining. To sign up to be a panelist, please send an email to programming@minicon46.mnstf.org List the panels that you are interested in by title. You may also include requests about when you'd like your panels to be scheduled. We will attempt to satisfy as many of those requests as possible, but know that the more specific your request is, the easier it will be to honor.

For example, "Please do not schedule me opposite the Arts vs. Crafts panel," or "Please do not schedule me after 8:00PM on Saturday" is easier to accommodate than "Please do not schedule me opposite any Guest of Honor panels, music performances, or panels about literature."

If you would like to suggest someone else as a panelist, please include their contact information.

Minicon will be April 22-24 at the Sheraton Bloomington hotel. Our Guests of Honor will be John Scalzi and Chas Somdahl. If you haven’t registered yet, you may pre-register for Minicon until March 31. Registration information is at the Minicon Website at the Minicon Registration Webpage.
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