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MnStf Meeting Notice

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There will be a MnStf Meeting today at the Event Horizon, 1121 Jackson St. NE, rooms 106 and 106A. The meeting will begin with a board meeting at 2:00PM, and will continue until late in the evening.

There will be board games, cards, munchies, and lots of geeky conversation. All are welcome.

If you're new to Minn-StF, you should know that our "meetings" are actually parties. The traditional start time for a Minn-StF meeting is 2pm so assume that start time if a time isn't listed here, but be warned that most people don't show up till 4pm or so unless the "meeting" is a picnic or pool party. We encourage people to bring snacks or drinks to share at the meetings, but that's not required and hosts will provide some food and drink.

For other information about MnStf events, see our monthly organ Einblatt

Edited to add: *Portion of Central Avenue closed in Minneapolis for part of July 21

Two blocks of Central Avenue (Highway 65) in Minneapolis will be closed in both directions between Broadway Street NE and Spring Street NE from 5 a.m. Saturday to 8
a.m. Sunday to repair a pipe under the road. Use an alternate route for those two blocks.

Parking is confusing. Go around to the back of the building on the cobblestone road (Jackson).

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