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V (2011) and biblical prophecy

I am amazed at how the Vatican responded to Anna's display of power in the episode over two weeks ago. When I saw her "power" put on display, my first thought was Revelations 13 verse 13 (And he doeth great signs, that he should even make fire to come down out of heaven upon the earth in the sight of men.)

If you'll recall, Anna took two small spheres and placed them together in front of her and blue electric lightening flashed about the room. I'm shocked that the writers didn't seem to realize that the Catholic Church would be hard pressed not to see that Anna is not to be trusted or worshiped. Yet, as the episode shows, the Vatican got in bed with Anna rather quickly after that.

Okay, I admit that the witnesses to her display of power probably didn't miss her underlying threat, but I also can't believe that they just handed her the "keys to the kingdom," either. I'm kind of hoping that this move on Anna's part will come back to haunt her later on in the series (provided that the series doesn't get canceled first).

Revelation 13:13 is pretty up there, being among one of the more well-known verses of that book, so perhaps the writers knew what they were doing after all. Using a lightning display could simply have cemented in their minds that Anna is a dangerous presence and something would have to be done. I just don't see why they chose not to act right then. Is it possible they saw a benefit to keeping up appearances or did they understand that outright resistance at that time would be futile?

Perhaps in the coming weeks, the Vatican and the Holy See will take steps to undermine Anna's position of power.

What do you think?

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